BC studio EDITED-19

“Jonny has a splendid rock voice with a breath-taking range & Liam is inspiring on acoustic guitars… BarlowCree has attitude by the shedfull” – FolkWales.org

BarlowCree – or BC – is the musical face of multi-instrumentalist Liam Millinship and vocalist Jonny Matthew.

BC is a South Wales based folk-acoustic duo performing original material and adaptations of traditional and contemporary folk songs.

“Barlowcree… their original songs are powerful and their covers are… well, original.”

Genevieve Tudor – BBC Radio

BarlowCree’s magnetic stage presence, coupled with craftsman-like song writing is captivating audiences on both the club and festival scenes. BC’s mix of traditional and self-penned work is receiving critical acclaim in the print and online media.

“…the positive and heartfelt nature of the duo’s lyrics is … matched by a strong melodic content, often with a strong Show Of Hands feel to boot, so on this showing BarlowCree can be judged an act to watch out for…”

Fatea Folk Magazine

Photo © BarlowCree
Photo © BarlowCree

BarlowCree launched their debut album “Holystone” in summer 2011.  See the album here.  Get it here.

Their much-anticipated second album, Broadsword is out now!  See it here.  Get it here

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  1. Hi Wendy.
    The name comes from the slang for ‘ ‘safe place’ during a game of ‘tag’ or ‘tig’. In South Wales (Liam) we call this place ‘cree’ and in Yorkshire(Jonny) they call it ‘barlow’. Hence, BarlowCree.

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