On 10th January Liam put the finishing touches to the new BarlowCree album!

It’s been a year in the making – much longer than we thought, but it’s nearly done…


Yes, that’s right – Liam’s playing the fiddle. He got exasperated after trying to find someone to play for us, so thought he’d have a go himself. He nailed it!

If you’d like to be first in line for info when the album is published, just register an interest here (no obligation!).

There are 10 songs: 3 are original BC songs, 1 is a cover and the rest are traditional songs, re-worked with a BC spin!

Watch this space for more info – we plan to launch the album with gigs in Cardiff and Swansea. So if you want the info as soon as it’s organised, click here.

Cheers, BC


Our next outing is on November 3rd 2016 at Brewood Acoustic Music Club.

This is one of our favourite places to play, as it was one of the first places to invite us when we started out.

We’ll be playing some new material from the upcoming album…!

For more details and ticket info, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Cheers, L & J

It seems that we’re on a roll of pplaying places beginning with “Brom!”

After another fab time at Bromsgrove Folk Festival we’ve just landed from Bromyard. After the drenching and ankle deep mud of the last time, it was lovely to see the sun this year. It makes camping soooo much better!

During our opening set on the main stage, we were presented with two leeks.

These were a reward for being the best (only!) Welsh band on stage that afternoon. Thanks to Ronnie and Sally for those!

We played three sets, including a lovely session at the Falcon Mews to finish things off.

THANKS to everyone who supported us – it was great to see you!